Six Hanging Swing Chairs You Need Now



Hanging swing chairs are all the rage right now, and I want one in my bedroom very badly! I also think they would look incredible in the epic family room update I did recently, but I couldn’t find a way to fit them in. C’est la vie! So, until I can get my hands on hanging one in my home, I will live through my recent client who is about to purchase and hang hers. I recently helped out Lacy of Laced Hair with picking out some hanging swing chairs, some call them a papasan, and I thought you lovelies might be inclined to see what we picked out! This is a shortie post, but just wanted to share them really quick and let you be on your way! Links to each chair below!


one | two | three | four | five | six

  • Oh man! I’ve been looking for one for my bedroom but all the ones I’ve looked at were over $700.00. These prices aren’t too bad!

    • I know!! I want to get one for my bedroom too, just haven’t taken the plunge yet. If you get one soon let me know what you think!

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