3 Healthy (Clever) Snacks

I eat a healthy breakfast, a healthy lunch and a healthy dinner, but the places where I run into trouble are the snacks in between my meals…those are the hardest! My stomach can be so hungry, I make the terrible mistake of eating whatever is “easy” instead of what is healthy. My stomach says, “FEED ME NOW” …and I do! And in the past it has usually something from a vending machine or a fast food restaurant. But for the last few weeks, I have been a lot better at this struggle and I attribute it to Pinterest. I stumbled upon a fabulous PIN to help me stay healthy during those in between meals, and I wanted to share it with you! Here are 3 easy snacks to keep you healthy and your stomach happy:

Not only are the snacks below delicious, but the way to package them is super clever! Just make them all at the beginning of the week, and then you have plenty of snacks all week long! The pictures of snacks that I’m showing are NOT one serving. They are one or two or three! If I just take the entire container to work, then I don’t need to refill one or two or three times each evening when I bring it home; I’m set for the week! Here are the snacks:
For each, just put the lid(s) on, keep it in the fridge at work (or eat it quickly) and you’ll be set all week with plenty of snacks!
Note: This is enough celery to last the average person two weeks, but I love celery, so it will probably be gone by Friday. Plus, celery is a good choice because it takes more energy to break down than there are calories (SOURCE)! The jar with the carrots is a baby food jar! This one is long and skinny, but you could also use a small one. And for the apples, make sure you lightly coat your sliced apples with lemon juice so they don’t go brown. And the neat thing about this snack is that the Yoplait yogurt fits perfectly within this Meadow Gold cottage cheese. It’s like they were meant to fit within each other. 

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