16 Handles

Isn’t that a cute name? It wasn’t me who came up with it, but it’s the name of this yogurt place near my apt here in New York!! And it’s awesome!! (I swear all I ever talk about or think about in this city is food…it’s really bad!hahaha but sooooo GOOD!!) 16 Handles is very similar to YoZone (all you Provo-nians) and also similar to DOZENS of other places in Provo, but this 16 Handles place was JUST AS GOOD! And it felt like a little piece of “home” in Provo! So, you choose your cup size, then you choose whatever flavor (or flavors! Cuz you can mix and match to your heart’s desire!), then you choose your toppings, whatever and however you want them! And you do all of this yourself so you can make it all cute, or cram it in your cup all sloppy-like, because it’s YOUR frozen yogurt! So then, as you pay, you pay by how much is WEIGHS! Genius, right?! The best thing was….that the yogurt was seriously AMAZING!! It might have been my combo: Birthday Cake Ice Cream + Coconut Cream Ice Cream + Cheesecake Bits + Strawberries + Cupcake Crumbles = DELICIOUSNESS! Seriously! And what made the ice cream taste even better was the atmosphere of this place! It was modern, with awesome color-changing lighting, and sweet seating areas sectioned off in the perfect ways for however many people you came with as WELL as seating outside! Seriously, they have thought this ALL THROUGH! I was really impressed!! Check out their website HERE and my experience at 16 Handles below!!