10 Stunning Pendant Lights Made From Natural Wood


If you’ve been following my Instagram stories, you’ve seen that I bought the rug of my dreams!!! Well, in preparation for it to arrive, I asked your opinions about my dining area, and there were a LOT of you that said I need a bigger light! So, I’ve been considering some natural wood lighting for over the kitchen table I made from scratch. I bought a light from West Elm before I made my table and I love it, but now that I bought this incredible rug, I’ve been thinking of changing my light just like you said!


As I’ve been making the decision, I decided to show you all the lights I’ve been considering. I’ve snagged inspiration from Pinterest, and there’s a lot I’m loving rn. There are some that are bamboo0-type lighting, some are natural beading, some are wood cutouts, and I’m having a hard time deciding!


What do you think??



Basket Pendant Light from World Market

$70 from World Market


$70 from IKEA


$60 from IKEA

Wicker pendant light

$151 from Amazon

Bamboo pendant light

$145 from Amazon

Thread Bead Natural Chandelier

$280 from Amazon

Natural beaded chandelier

$217 from Amazon

Wood cutout 3d pendant light

$107 from Amazon

3D sphere wood cutout pendant light

$107 from Amazon

wood cutout lighting 3D circular

$86 from Home Depot

Hope you enjoyed these lighting options! If you own or buy any of these, tell me what you think about your light and I’ll add it to this blogpost!